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How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page With LoginPress Plugin

Usually, when we create a website for our client, we eventually keep the WordPress default login page. But to make our website look more professional, we can create a custom login page. No need to say that we must have a WordPress account and know how to use it. So we can build our websites for our clients. Firstly we need to log in to our WordPress account to begin the process.

Custom WordPress Login Page With LoginPress Plugin

You can create your custom login page in just four simple steps,

  1. Adding the Loginpress plugin
  2. Customize or Set Up The Login Page
  3. Add Premium Add-Ons
  4. Set Up Your Add-Ons

Step 1:- Adding The Loginpress Plugin

Free LoginPress Set Up

First, go to the "Plugins" and click on add new button. Then search for the plugin named "LoginPress" on the search bar. The 1st result will be the plugin that we are looking for. So click on the install button. After installation, click on the active button to activate the plugin. We see a new menu on the left side, "LoginPress." We will click on this menu and the "Allow and Continue" button on the menu page.

Free LoginPress Set Up

LoginPress Pro Plugin Set Up

The plugin also has a pro version. We can see their pro features on the LoginPress official website and some pre-made designs. We can only access those designs on the pro version. After getting the personal plan from LoginPress's official website, we have to install the pro plugin on our WordPress account. Same by clicking on the "Plugin" menu and the "Add New" button, we can see the "Upload Plugin" button on the top left corner of the page. Then select the zip file to upload the plugin application and click the "Install Now" button. And then activate the plugin.

LoginPress Pro Plugin SetUp

loginpress Pro Premade login Page Design Examples

lognpress Pro Premade login page design Examples

Step 2:- Customize or Set Up The Login Page

LoginPress Basic Settings

LoginPress Basic Setting

Now let's talk about the basic settings in the plugin.

1. Session Expire:- Suppose you or someone else logged in on your website. This section will directly log you out after the timer you gave on this setting. It is based on minutes. So you have to give the timer a minute version.

2. Auto Remember Me:- The remember me button on the login page will always be marked on if you turn on this feature. I recommend you guys refrain from turning on this feature. The rest is on you guys.

3. Custom Password Field:- If you have a website that has the membership or registration feature, you can turn on this section to make custom passwords for users.

4. Login Order:- To log in to the website, which method should a user follow that can be chosen in this section. The person may require a username, email address, or both.

5. Reset Default Settings:- When you make any mistakes on your custom settings and can't find the mistake, Then turning on this button will reset your home page custom settings.

6. Remove Settings on Uninstall:- If you turn on this section, the settings on the plugin and all the data will be removed after uninstallation of this plugin.

The other bars and sections on the page can be accessed only on the pro version of LoginPress. We will talk about the pro version letter. Let's customize our page first.

LoginPress Customizer Section

loginPress Customizer Section

In the menu bar, we can see the customizer menu below the settings menu. Left-click on the customizer menu will redirect to a page where we can customize our home page. The theme section is available on the pro version. We will talk about it later. We can see pencil icons on some sections that can be customized. Then we can change the background image on the top left corner. We can also change the button color. To check if it's working, we must click on the cross icon in the top left corner to close the customizer. Then log out from the account. After that, reload the login page to see the changes you made. Let's get the pro version and see what we can get from it.

Step 3:- Add Premium Add-Ons

Add Premium Add-Ons

Loginpress Pro License Activation

When you add the loginpress premium plugin for the first time, you need to activate your license key. You can get the license key from your Loginpress dashboard.

To activate the loginpress Pro license key. Go to the loginpress license manager section, add your license key into the license key field, and click on activate.

loginpress Pro License Activation
After activation, click on the LoginPress menu. We can see that we don't have other option bars beside the settings. But we have a new feature called "Enable reCAPTCHA." We can add the ReCaptcha option on our login page by selecting this. Now we can get access to their themes. But to get access to the add-ons and other features, we must have a license key. To activate the license key, click the "License Manager" option below the "Add-Ons" menu. Then provide your license key on the empty bar and click on the "Activate Licence" button. Now all the add-ons will work properly. Let's talk about the add-ons we got from the pro version.

1. Login Logout Menu:- This menu is essential on many websites. It allows us to create a login, logout, register, and profile menu on our websites.

2. Login Redirects:- This feature helps you to give access to make any role for a user, such as an editor or moderator, and redirect them to the role account they were given.

3. Social Login:- If this feature is turned on, people can log in to the website using their social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.

4. Login Widget:- You may need to know HTML/CSS to run this feature on your website. This add-on uses an Ajax way to log in via the sidebar.

5. Limit Login Attempts:- Sometimes, some random user or hacker tries to log in several times or from different devices to harm our website. So this feature helps us protect our websites from unusual login.

6. Auto Login:- Using this feature, you can give access to some users that you don't need them to log in to every time they visit the website.

7. Hide Login:- This option helps you change the login page URL to anything you want. It will give a hard time to spammers who keep hitting on your login page. This is an essential add-on that we should check on.

If we turn on these add-ons, they will show on the plugin page, which will also be seen beside the Loginpress settings bar. Let's discuss the two add-ons that we added to our WordPress.

Step 4:- Set Up Your Add-Ons

Hide Login

If you want to hide your log-in page, in this option, you can give any name or code beside your main URL and click on "Save Changes" to continue. If you want to reset the button, you just need to click on the "Reset Login Slug" button.

Hide Login

Limit Login Attempts

If someone tries so many times to log in, They will be restricted after a limited attempt and can do it again after the time we give on this feature. We gave six attempts and a 20-minute countdown for this section. You can also see the IP addresses, blocking list, and attempt details trying to access our website, and you can also block the specific IP addresses you want. 

Hide Login

This is it. If you want to create a custom login page for your websites, just follow our steps and bring class and professionalism to your WordPress account.

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